The aerial radiography of the roads that lead you to and within Transylvania. Yes, THAT Transylvania! Or, as the legend says: this is the view that Count Dracula sees on his nocturnal flights!
2nd place, International Drone Photography Contest by National Geographic and Dronestagram 2017
People’s Choice at National Geographic Travel Photographer of The Year Awards 2017
Best Aerial Autumn Pictures around the World 2016 by National Geographic
Aerial drone view of a curved winding road through the forest high up in the mountains
Curved road trough the forest. Hi mountain pass in Transylvania, Romania. Aerial view from a drone.
Curved bending road in the forest
Transalpina Winding Road Romania
Extreme winding highway in the mountains passing trough a forest. Aerial view.
Truck on winding road in the forest
Road seen from above. Aerial view of an extreme winding curved road in the middle of the forest
Truck passing on a road in fall season
Foggy morning on the road aerial view
Autumn foggy road and railway aerial view
Winding curved road in the forest high up in the mountains
Winding road in the forest in the fall with truck on the road
Scenic road in the middle of the forest
Truck on road in the middle of a forest in fall season
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