I have an extensive experience in corporate and commercial photography and in the past 15 years I have worked with big international brands and established Romanian companies, doing photography projects locally and internationally, wherever my services were needed. 

From UK agencies and televisions to Austrian 3D studios, to Portuguese magazines and Japanese manufacturers, to US magazines needing photography content shot in Romania and internationally, I have provided a wide variety of photography services at the highest level of quality. At any time, my goal was to deliver high quality images with a unique look and feel.

Some of the brands that I work with are: IKEA, Huawei, Sony, Ramada Hotels, Holiday Inn, McDonald’s Romania, Rompetrol, Nepi Rockcastle, IMSAT, GMB, WALOR, GSE, IRUM, Keel London, Windfall Films, CGTN TV London, OSHO Bucharest, Takeda, Rustler, Suzuki and the Austrian Tourism Board.

"Because less is more, one word best describes our experience with Calin Stan: flawless." 
- Mirela, Flying Colours Romania

"Calin is a very dynamic and professional photographer. We needed his help for a difficult project and the results were really more than expected. I warmly recommend him and hope for future projects together."
- Mihaela, STIRIXIS

What do my clients say about my photography? Find out here.

My images were published in a vast variety of national and international publications, including: National Geographic, CNN Travel, BBC, Time, CGTN Documentary, GEO Magazine, Washington Post and many others. You can find an extensive list here.
Calin Stan in National Geographic

Some of the National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler editions that feature my photography.

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